Monday, February 6, 2012

The Kind Diet: Review

I've read a lot of people and their opinion on this book. I just got it from the library last week. I spent a few days looking it over and reading it, and it's actually a really nice read. Alicia Silverstone talks about her own experiences with being vegetarian and than becoming vegan. It was great to see that she had many things that reminded me of my own journey through vegetarianism. Her writing style is informative, but also funny. There are some points that I did have to crack up and I loved to no end!
Alicia also has sections describing how you can change your lifestyle in different levels. The first one is pretty much putting your foot in the water, then vegan, and then a superhero! (; The end of the book is full of delicious recipes that I'm excited to try out sometime soon. I enjoyed this and would recommend anyone to read this and get some insight into another veggie's life!

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