Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4: New Favorites.

Hey everyone!

I've found a new snack that I'm in love with. Sunflowers seeds are delicious. I can't get enough! That's always nice since it's a bit of protein for me. (; I've never really tried them before now, actually! I'd recommend them if you haven't tried them. You can also get the outside of the seed flavored.

I've kept meals today really simple. Breakfast consisted of cereal and orange juice. Lunch was just sunflower seeds and a bite or two of fudge. Dinner is being made just as I type. It is simple spaghetti noodles that I'm just going to cover in a little bit of butter and salt for taste. I'm a huge fan of pasta. I guess that's a good part about being vegetarian.

Although, as another day gets added, my body is already feeling so much better. I feel lighter and freer than I had before this diet change. I'm pleased with it. It feels a lot better to be like this.

After a few days of being vegetarian, my mom isn't really too accepting. She said, "You never used to do things like this." and similar phrases. Although, I did speak with my dad today, who was pretty cool with it. He's taking me out to a vegetarian-friendly restaurant this weekend.

In case anyone wanted to know, I found a beautiful website that helps to find vegetarian and vegan restaurants! Just put in a location and search! There a vegetarian friendly restaurant near me, and a vegan restaurant across town. I thought people would find this cool.

What is your favorite vegetarian snack?


  1. dude i love nearly-plain pasta too. if you can find it, you should buy some jarred pesto. mix a little in with any pasta and it gives it a really nice light oily nutty basil flavor.

    also i giggled at your mom's comment. i remember those vaguely uncomfortable, antagonistic questions.. (eg, "so why are you doing this again?") like your behavior is totally incomprehensible. even if they never understand, people become more accepting as they simply "get used to it," so patience is your friend

    1. Yum! I'll have to look for that when I get to go shopping in the next few days!

      My mom is always making comments like that. I hope she stops sometime soon. It's sort of getting on my nerves since it's constant.