Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3: Still Doing Great.

I'm starting to feel better in general since I dropped meat. It does feel a little bit better. Once a full week had passed, I'm excited to see how great I feel! Not to mention, I'm looking around for foods I can eat in my house until we can go shopping. For breakfast there was Maple and Honey oatmeal. And lunch is herb and butter rice with green beans. (: Delicious!

I decided that I like being vegetarian. This isn't even hard to do, yet. It makes me so hopeful that I can do this. I really want to thank everyone for being so supportive. This blog was meant to encourage me to go through with it, as well as give the thoughts of someone who is become vegetarian. You are all wonderful people for the support and knowledge. I really love to hear from anyone who is a vegetarian of vegan now. If anyone has anything they'd like to give me for advice, I'd love to hear it!

I've also decided what animal products I would want to take out of my diet whenever I get the chance to thoroughly go shopping. Anything else that I should maybe think about watching out for?

Ambergris – From whale intestines.
Animal Fat – Carcass fat.
Animal Oil – Carcass oil?
Aspic – Savory jelly derived from meat or fish.
Blood – From any slaughtered animal.
Bone Char – Animal bone ash.
Bone Meal – Crushed of ground animal bones.
Cerebrosides – Fatty acids and sugars found in the covering of nerves.
Cetyl Palmitate – [see spermaceti]
Collagen – Fibrous protein in vertebrates. Usually from animal tissue.
Gelatin – Protein obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligament, and/or bones in water.
Glycerides – [see glycerin]
Glycerin – A byproduct of soap manufacture (normally uses animal fat).
Glycerol – [see glycerin]
Glyceryls – [see glycerin]
Glycreth-26 – [see glycerin]
Lactic Acid – Found in blood and muscle tissue.
Lard – Fat from hog abdomens.
Lipase – Enzyme from stomachs and tongue glands of calves, kids, and lambs.
Monoglycerides – [see glycerin]
Pepsin – Enzyme from a pig’s stomach.
Rennet – An enzyme taken from the stomach of a newly killed calf.
Rennin – [see rennet]
Spermaceti – Waxy oil derived from the sperm whale’s head or dolphins.
Sperm Oil – [see spermaceti]
Stearamide – [see Stearic acid]
Steramine – [see Stearic acid]
Stearates -[see Stearic acid]
Stearic Acid – Fat from cows, sheep, and from dogs, cat euthanized in animal shelters.
Stearic Hydrazide – [see Stearic acid]
Stearone – [see Stearic acid]
Stearoxytrimethylsilane – [see Stearic acid]
Stearyl Lactylic Acid - [see Stearic acid]
Suet – Usually made from animal fat.
Tallow – Rendered beef fat.
Tallow Acid – [see tallow]
Tallow Amide – [see tallow]
Tallow Amine – [see tallow]
Twlloweth-6 – [see tallow]
Tallow Fatty Alcohol – [see tallow]
Tallow Glycerides – [see tallow]
Tallow Imidazoline – [see tallow]
Whey – By-product of the cheese-process. Contains rennet.


  1. I had oatmeal this morning too.... I put blueberries, flax seeds, goji berries and cinnamon in mine. mmmmmmm

    lunch I made home made baked sweet potato fries (just put garlic power, salt, and pepper on them) I made a tomato, avocado, vegan cheese sandwich also.

    dinner...... who knows :) still thinking...


  2. There is a food colouring, carmine if I recall correctly, made from an insect. I did see it once in a can (aluminum) of juice.