Friday, January 13, 2012

The Problems + Update

I've already been running into a few of the problems that I expected. My dad, whom I do not live with, is cool with everyone. However, my mom, whom I DO live with, is not exactly the best person to be with right now. Whenever she's eating(it's always meat), she asks if I want any. Not to mention, my mom does this almost every time she eats! I hope that this will straighten out and she'll stop asking, soon. It's getting on my nerves. I will not eat it.
My mom is one of those people who have to eat meat, apparently. She says there's no food in the house, when there obviously is, I suggest her an idea, but she rejects it. "That's not food!" She says. I ask her why it isn't, and her answer is always, "Food is meat!" It's kind of disgusting.
I'm always having to rewash the things she has washed, because there is still meat residue and I can smell it and feel it when I run my finger over the pans and bowls. It's grossing me out, and driving me mad. I don't know why she can't just properly wash things and scrub them well before putting them in the draws. I've already confronted her on this, and nothing has changed.

On a brighter note, I've been researching and looking through so much. Whenever I see meat, cooked or not, I feel a little bit sick. Just the thought of me eating it again is becoming so unappealing. I've also been complimented on loosing some weight, lately. That makes me feel great because I know that I'm getting healthier.

Steven bought me Subway, in which I had one on 9-grain bread, american cheese, lettuce, spinach, olives, with some oregano and black pepper. It was delicious. Having a Subway across the street from where I am currently living is kind of a blessing. It's an easy vegetarian meal that happens to be really good tasting. However, I have decided that I really like spinach. It's leafy and it's green, not to mention great for you!

Steven and I are going to go shopping in the next week, so I want to post pictures of some of the dishes we make, the recipes, and we'll see where it goes from there. I've been living off of a few little things that we could manage until then, but now we will have a constant flow of beautiful green food to eat.

I graduate from high school on June 2. It will be in Madison, Wisconsin, which is a two and a half hour drive from where I am. I attend an online school, so that would explain my long drive. I talked my mom into allowing me to choose a place for us all the eat out, and I have my mind between two vegetarian restaurants in the Madison area. Is it a good idea to be taken there with everyone else who isn't vegetarian?


  1. Your mom may feel threatened, odd as that sounds, by your new diet.

    1. Yeah, I guess. But she just needs to get use to it. It's only been two weeks.