Sunday, January 15, 2012

Over Two Weeks!

So, this is going great. I've held fast to my vegetarianism for over two weeks. I went to see my dad yesterday and I weighed myself. I've already lost ten pounds, so I'm really glad about that. I also got to eat at Hu Hot again, only to see that three sauces use fish and shellfish--luckily none of the ones that I ever use.

This morning, my mom bought Steven and I some food to eat until we can go shopping in another two days or so. She actually did really well! I was surprised that anything she got was actually okay for me to eat! I ended up telling her that we didn't need anything, but she brought up a simple salad dressing with iceberg lettuce, Boca burgers, and Boca chicken patties. It was great. So We made burgers and salads for lunch! Tonight is boxed pasta salad. Yum!

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