Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vegetarian Shopping

First thing's first. A new layout for the whole blog has been implemented! It was created by Steven. The dinosaur was created by me. (: We are attempting to think of a name for him!

Steven and I were able to shop for the first time with enough money to pretty much get everything we had wanted to get. In the end, it was great! We have a fridge stocked with fresh vegetables, drawers full of canned veggies and a few other things, packages of dried beans and lentils, hummus dip, rice chips, and so much more. It was actually a really nice shopping trip! After this, I noticed how easy it really is to be a vegetarian.
We ended up shopping at Woodman's, which is a fairly cheap grocery store that has a marvelous organic and natural food section. They had frozen faux-meats and lots of really nice stuff, including these delicious Natural Harvest Rice Chips. After this shopping trip, I'm positive that I will be posting recipes and recipe reviews on this blog so that way I can get some delicious things out there!
While getting to know some of the things in this store that were in their organic and natural foods section, I found some cereal that is from the Puffin brand. I think it was really cute. I haven't eaten any yet, but I'm pretty excited!

I'm mostly excited for the fresh veggies that we got! I happen to be a huge fan of spinach, so I had to get some of that fresh. I'm making a salad tomorrow of mostly lettuce and then some romaine lettuce with french dressing. I'll discuss my meals from tomorrow, most likely. Especially that beautiful green spinach. That's a favorite, alright!
Other then that, I've never been a huge fan of bell peppers or onions, but since I became a vegetarian, I've found new ways to get around my dislike for them and they are actually growing on me. It's a surprise to my mom that I'm eating things that she always thought I hated. In the end, I've just never been properly exposed to some of these things. I'm proud of myself for upholding a vegetarian diet and not even considering going back.

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